Wednesday, April 16, 2014

30 Day Gratitude Challenge ( Day 3 and 4)

Yesterday early on I knew I was going to write about little nice gestures from people throughout the day.  Little gestures  that ripple  into a big wave of happiness.  One was the guy in line at the store who saw I only had 6 items and suggested I go to the express lane  as it would be faster for me ( and it was as nobody was in line).  The bus driver who leaned out  his window to give me a smile and enthusiastic wave  after I let him in ( it looked cute and made me smile).  The person at the counter where I buy my coffee seemed to genuinely joke around with me not because I am a customer but because we have come to know each other over the years.  My supervisor gave me a fabulous review at work which felt great as I am not one who generally has an abundance of confidence ( even at my age).  These  pleasant  interactions  add up to  form a particularly nice day and I am grateful  for that.

Wondering how to talk about today without it sounding like a backhanded complaint.  I  am grateful for the time spent with my mother today and not getting tied up in a  frustrated knot by the end of the visit.  We are  polar opposites.  She does not know me any more than I understand her.  Today I truly enjoyed fussing over  her fancy nails that she is very proud of ( as is every week when she gets a new manicure),   pampering  and waiting on her.  I do this not to try to win her love as she tried all her life to win her own mother's love (which was heartbreaking to watch), but as  my genuine gift to her as this is what she appears to want more than anything.  Once every 3 weeks is what I can handle  but between my daughters and I, she gets a good visit once or twice a week.   Grateful that we can enjoy visits together.

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