Monday, April 14, 2014

30 Day Gratitude Challenge ( Day 2)

2)  Grateful for having a job I love that pays well.  I've had lots of great jobs in the past but this one is the best fit for where I am in my life right now...a perfect match.   The environment is supportive, the location a nice long bike ride from  my house.  Long is good as it provides a great workout  and there is even a safe place to store bikes at the facility.
 This is where I started out my career and it feels like I've come full circle.  As I walk throughout the  remodelled building I  can't help but remember what used to be where...the new room that used to be  that other room. I feel a bit old like the building itself..a keeper of old memories which I seem to be collecting like antiques these last few years.  The staff who are not the keeper of memories turn the corner to enter  our unit. But  I turn the corner  where the placenta fridge was  into a shiny new office that once was just a wall.
 Grateful for the old stairs that I run up and down on my breaks.  7 flights of stairs.  Old stairs at the side of the building that  doesn't get much attention.  These stairs are the original and it feels nice to know part of history  in that old building is untouched.

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