Thursday, April 17, 2014

30 Day Gratitude Challenge (Day5)

I started out  thinking today I would write about one of the inspirational people I've met but then something came across my path that was like a ray of sunshine  and I became grateful for the beautiful words and the feelings it evoked.

An Ester Message came across my work email today  from someone with intials S.M. after her name followed by "Superior General and the Members of her Council".  I think only the catholics know what this means.  The message was wonderful, inspirational even:

Today, for each one of us, where is our Galilee?  Is it not in our own life and work milieu? And how will we bring some of the life of this Risen One?  Every time a given smile will mean forgiveness; every time a good word will dispel sadness; every time a good deed on behalf of justice or peace will bring more dignity and more security to the individuals, then the life of the Risen Christ will become reality around us.  Life will again triumph over death!

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