Thursday, November 24, 2011

On Hope

In the last post I mentioned looking forward to reading The Leap in hopes of getting a big dose of optimism for the future back into my life. Little did I know that Daughter Elder had arranged to go to the We Day celebration that took place yesterday. She came home and completely opened my eyes about what youth are thinking about ( so it isn't all about shopping. Who knew?!). Our youth are concerned about the future but they do not have that weariness about them. They are full of confidence. The energy they possess that goes along with their passion to change the world for the better leaves me with feelings of hope that they can do a better job at managing their world than the generations before them! As parents we must continue to set an example. It might seem like the youth are not watching or listening to the examples that parents try to set, but today it was confirmed to me that they truly are. Check out to see what the kids are up to.

A few pictures of the event taken by Daughter Elder:

Check out all these kids!

Go Gore Man...rev these kids up!

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