Thursday, July 28, 2011

My Black Hungarians

This one was the biggest and earliest of the bunch so I saved the seeds and hopefully the genes will carry on to produce beautiful peppers next year. But I am getting ahead of myself.....

The first plant was about double the size of these ones and the only difference is that the other is located behind a raspberry bush. I put up row covers as a short of shade to see if it would help these grow.

And it did! There are about 12 peppers per plant and they are still blooming! The frost will eventually kill off its true potential unless I can come up with a cold frame idea to stretch out the season a bit(the B man will have to do it but he doesn't know it yet. I am waiting for the right time to break the news to him)..

The peppers will make my salsa taste yummy. Spicy, but not as hot as a jalapeno.

On the topic of peppers, look how sad my green peppers are. Last year they grew in between tomato plants and were double the size. I think there is a pattern here.....

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