Thursday, July 28, 2011


I bought 3 of these plants 2 years ago not realizing that one is enough. I also didn't realize they are perennials and that they grow and multiply quickly. The first year I forgot about using them most of the time but enjoyed looking at the flowers in the garden. Guilt set in eventually and I decided to freeze some to use in the winter. There they sat for 2 years because I do not think about going to the freezer for herbs.

This year I decided to dehydrate them. Pick early in the morning when the flavour and aroma is at its peak. They only need a few hours in the dehydrator.

I started off the summer by bringing the blooms indoors ( they were
placed in vases on the dining room table. An odd floral arrangement) until I came across a blog about how to make chive blossom vinegar.
Cut off the flower tops. let them sit in water for awhile so that any little bugs hiding in the blooms will float to the top. Discard the water and add vinegar. I only use Heinz when looking for a regular vinegar as theirs is NOT a petroleum product.

Strain the flowers and pour into jar. Keep in dark place or the colour will fade. I plan to use this when making dressings or in canning recipes.


  1. It has a nice aroma and flavour. Did you notice I poured it into an old vodka bottle? How very Fortney of me. Alas, it is not a champagne bottle!