Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Non-Toxic Food Storage Containers

A few months ago I chanced upon a couple of these stainless steel food containers made by Greentainer. I tend to use these for bagels or wraps as they are well protected and remain intact come lunch time. The lid stays on well but I would not put any juicy fruit (like strawberries) in them as the juice tends to leak out. They are easy to wash and must not be too embarrassing to eat out of because Daughter Elder hasn't refused to take it to school.

I found these reusable snack bags at a local craft fair last weekend. The outside is made of cotton and the inside is made from DEHP and BPA free nylon. I put cut up vegetables in them and it is working very well. Daughter Younger said the first day she used them she had a few people asking why she put her carrots in a pencil case holder. Daughter Elder said I was insane but as she is not complaining about using it I will consider it a success.

The vinyl is sturdy and easy to clean. I just pull out the liner and give it a wipe. The bags can also be put into the washing machine using cold water. They are made locally by two talented sisters. Check out their sling...sort of makes me wish I had a baby (slap me now).
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