Thursday, November 18, 2010

Cold Outside but Warm in the Kitchen

As winter is settling in, I find myself retreating into the kitchen.

Currant Cream Scones. I first made them for the B man when we were dating and he fell in love with them. I bake these always as an expression of love for him, from my cherished Tassajara Recipe Book that was a gift to me before I met him. Always I think of love and friendship when making them.

Yesterday I tried my hand at making French Bread. It did not turn out perfectly, but was still pretty good. Daughter Elder took a bite and said enthusiastically that she LOVED it. Making this bread is a labour of love and a test of one's patience. It is best to make it with a glass of wine at hand, good music on the stereo, during an evening where there is peace in the house and heart.

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  1. We will be waiting for our loaf of french bread, thanks