Wednesday, September 1, 2010


9:00AM: Weights, sit ups, and those splint things as per usual. My legs are not painful, not stiff and the balls of my feet feel fine, but something is going on. If i wasn't running a race in 2 weeks I would even ignore it because it is only a subtle feeling. Earlier today I did a little run from the car to house and my legs were not reacting quickly at all even though I had just instructed then to sprint! I guess they are tired from yesterday and will try do water running till Sunday to give them a rest. Drank 2 cups of coffee for breakfast and I piece of pb&j toast.

12:00 Chicken tomato sandwich and dehydrated salted vegetables. Vics supermarket sells them ( I think they make it on site because there isn't a commercial label on the bag). I could have eaten the whole bag but decided to stop at a handful because I know the kids and their friends will want to chow down on them ( insert sarcasm here).

6:30PM: Found a note from an old run. At every mile I made sure to give thanks for something. I jotted down whatever came to mind at that mile. I think I actually ran 17 miles that day, but only jotted down up to mile 11.
Mile 1. Thankful for being motivated enough to get out the door this morning.
Mile 2. The B Man who is always supportive of my running ( if I was writing the note now, it would say thankful that he is putting up with my running...)
Mile 3. My health.
Mile 4. My children's fresh perspectives.
Mile 5. Reuniting with my sisas I never knew I had
Mile 6. Thankful for the beautiful morning.
Mile 7. For one of my running partners who gave me a verbal kick in the butt a couple miles back.
Mile 8. Thankful to have running buddies.
Mile 9. Thankful for the one who said sorry and opened up my heart.
Mile 10. For my running partners who refused to let me leave my running shoes behind.
Mile 11. Thankful that I am still going.

7:30 PM: Bowl of homemade chicken soup and....I guess thats it. 1 L water.

8:30PM: 2 handfuls of those veggie snacks and 1 cup white tea.

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