Tuesday, August 31, 2010


The balls of my feet are a bit stiff so I contemplated doing speed work in the water instead of a track run. As usual, I missed my window of opportunity and spent the good part of the day trying to figure out how I was going to make up for it.
Today I bought some candied ginger. I've read about other runners who pop some on their long runs and I have been meaning to try it.

5:30 PM: Ran 2 miles to outdoor track. Started off with 4 sprints to warm up. Then I ran 4x400m. First 400 m (not sure if that is right. Translation: ran twice around the track) at as fast as possible pace without stopping. I timed it at just over 7 min pace. Got a big pain under right rib as soon as I stopped running but it went away after a two minute rest. I did the 2nd 400 m in 7 1/2 minutes, 3rd set at just under eight. As I was doing the second lap of the third round, Nicole drove up and yelled something at me which sounded like "Go faster!" and then she drove off. That gave me something to think about as I was trying to go faster for my 4th round. It was my slowest of the 4 at 8.10 min pace. Ran 2 miles home. The ginger burns my mouth so it will not be going in my running bag of treats. Getting tired of jotting down what I eat, so it was the usual. slacked off on the hydration yesterday and today though.

9:45PM: 100 sit ups. I couldn't remember the name of that other abd exercise until now....they are called Planks and Side Plank-Split Leg. It sounds impressive but I can only do 40 seconds each ( is that laughing I hear??).

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