Friday, September 3, 2010


Made it to the gym after work to do weights. The trick is to not go home first or else I won't get back out the door. Caught a glimpse of the personal trainer that Bryan gave my email to the other day ( she was with a client at the other end of the room). He tells me she is a runner and and seems very excited about the prospect of her training me for the 50k, which makes me laugh because she just happens to be gorgeous. I'm sure that didn't factor into his thinking at all. Anyway, she has a total runners body, not an ounce of fat on her and MY GAWD, her back muscles are ripped. This is probably good advertising for a trainer but I find it intimidating and am going to do my best to avoid meeting with her.

Ate and hydrated well. Lots of good food now that harvest time has arrived. Tonight I had spaghetti squash that was just picked the night before. MMmmm.

Have to get in 5 hours of running tomorrow and it looks like it will have to be done after work. This is not ideal but has to get done, otherwise will psych myself out. Sunday is unfortunately not an option.

Race day is getting near. I am beginning to feel mentally up for the challenge. But then again I may be completely delusional.

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