Saturday, September 4, 2010


Ate a bowl of plain yogurt, 1/2 cup raw oats with an apple for breakfast. Had a 1/2 and 1/2 on the way to work. Made the B Man drive me so that I would be forced to run home afterwards. It turned out to be a long a tiring day and I was thankful for not having the option of driving home. I only ate a salad during the day so as not to have a full stomach.

Hour 1: Gearing up with 2 L of gatorade ( finishing off my old stuff before switching to Vegn) and a full backpack was tiresome for the first bit but was fairly certain energy would come back if i could just make it thought this hour. At one point a car drove by, honked and the passenger gave me the thumbs up. I knew immediately it was a fellow runner and that encouragement gave me a great lift for the next little while.

Hour 2: Decided my next move would be to run over to Sturgeon Heights track for the third hour so that kept me occupied. Almost stepped on a dead mouse on a path. Started thinking about how I was going to fuel myself for the remainder of the hours. I didn't feel hungry but bought a small hamburger on route and ate it anyway.

HOUR 3: Met up with Bob at the track and we ran around it for an hour. The mosquitos were horrible and there were 2 men arguing nearby. Nicole showed up with homemade bannock and cake. darn! I shouldn't have had that hamburger as her goods were much better!

HOUR 4: Bob and I decided we would run somewhere else. At this point I was needing some incentive and was starting to get an idea. We agreed to run down Portage and after about 1/2 hour Bob asked where we were going ( or something like that). I told him I would like to go get a beer at the end of this hour.... 1/2 beer each wouldn't do any harm and he was agreeable. We found a place exactly at the end of the 4th hour ( perfect timing!) but Bob was struggling with putting his vibrams on while trying not to expose his back end while doing so as he runs in a kilt. This was too much work after running for 4 hours so I said lets press on and told him I didn't need a beer after all. Lucky me, a few steps later we found a more appropriate restaurant without any patrons that we were able to duck into for a few minutes without Bob having to put his shoes on. I bought one beer but it looked so cold and refreshing that I decided that a whole beer each would be better. I must say I have never polished off a beer so quickly in my life and we were out of there in 5 minutes or less.

HOUR 5: Wow! That beer had no negative effect on me at sloshing around in the stomach or anything. My legs felt less heavy after drinking it, but that is probably a placebo effect. It is very interesting running with a man in a kilt as you do get a lot of attention from people passing by in their cars.
I was able to run home and felt very good that I did what I set out to do. This is the last day of heavy training until the big M.

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  1. I am so proud of you both, you are very ready. I know you will have so much fun out there next Sunday morning... where would you like that beer stop? hour 4? I will see if I can get on at that 'water' station! Take it easy this week, avoid injury, stay loose!