Tuesday, August 24, 2010


Decided last night I need to write down my final almost 3 week journey till D-Day. For the next 20 days I will be writing exclusively all things marathon, probably every mundane detail. The activities will basically be what I've already been doing for months. Writing it out it makes me accountable, at least that is the hope.

7:30 am: Check computer. Nicole didn't respond to my 8 am speed training offer. Talk myself into doing it later and go back to bed.

7:45: Nicole phones. Its on after all. No time for breakfast. I fill up a bottle of lemon lime gatorade with a tablespoon of chia seeds in case I get light headed during the run ( stupid hypoglycemia). I decide to wear my worn out running shoes as the bottoms of my feet are sore from running the last 2 days in swim shoes.

8:15 am: Run 4 times around the track to warm up. Do 2 sprints. I try to convince Nicole we should run around the track full out ( as full out as you can be for running that distance), rest and do it again 3 more times. She tells me that sounds good except we should double up what I suggested ( damn). We compromise and do one round once around the track full out. rest 2 minutes. Run around the track twice full out before resting for another 2 minutes. Third round is once around the track full out. Rest 2 minutes. Final time we run twice around the track full out. I almost feel like barfing. Then we run a mile around the track to cool down. Finish off the bottle of gatorade/chia seed mix.

9:45am: Drink one large cup 1/2&1/2 coffee and vanilla cappucino. Eat 1/4 of homemade granola bar. Feeling good to have pushed it. Its all thanks to Nicole. I am grateful to have an awesome running partner. My 4 day old broken toe started to throb.

11:45am:1 veggie wrap. 3 cups water ( not all at once).

12:30pm:1 cup spearmint tea w. 1/2 tsp honey.

4 pm: 1/2 cucumber, 1 cup white tea, smallcup of turkey rice soup.

5 pm: 2 crackers with humus

6pm: Out for bike ride with hubby. We go at a good clip riding on grass by the creek for 1/2 hour. Even though this was our little date time, I'm going to count it as training anyway.

7 pm: Family dinner. Lasagna, zucchini soup ( want some Bob?), and white tea. Toe feels just fine. No throbbing. Blood build up under toenail is going down.

8 pm: 100 sit ups. Then did those other core excercises I'll have to find the name of it. Drank 3 cups of water between noon and now. I feel good.

9:30 pm: Bed with a book about mommy runners. Contemplating riding my bike to work tomorrow. can't remember how many miles it is but it'll be about 2 hours total riding time. Debating whether I should make it 4 hours. Feel good.

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