Sunday, May 24, 2009

First Planting

I planted herbs in the holes of the cinderblocks which make up the walls of the garden bed. They will look lovely when they fill out, unless they die from too much heat . The garden is a huge mass of dark soil right now. I can't wait for the seeds in the house to grow a little more so they can be transplanted. The mini greenhouse is working great and they might be ready to plant next week. BBQ neighbour's wife gave me 10 tomato plants which are already 3 inches high so now my garden doesn't look like a sea of nothing. I tied together 3- 6 ft tall bamboo sticks for the pole beans which the neighbours seem to be curious about. One asked if I was building a tipi.
If all of my seeds take there will be 12 each of: lettuce,carrots,dill,basil,chives, beefsteak tomatoes, Sweetie Tomatoes (not including 10 the neighbour gave me), yellow pepper, peas, bean poles, corn and watermelon. A pretty big haul for a first timer.

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