Friday, May 22, 2009

Project Raised Garden Bed Has Begun

I set out to write about step one of the backyard garden bed but instead want to write about the kind person who saw me putting the cinder blocks into my car and offered to drive them home in his truck. In return I gave him freshly baked muffins. Later kind neighbour brought over better tools for me to use to rip out the grass and then he nailed together some garden ties for me. A little while later BBQ neighbour came over and tilled my garden! This totally negates the offensive comment from angry neighbour who, while leaning over his fence watching me work said a woman should always keep busy. Thank the good Lord more kind and helpful people crossed my path today than obnoxious ones.
The sod will not go to waste. Thanks to Freecycle, somebody will be picking it up tomorrow to use in their yard.

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