Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Back in February I wrote how nice it would be to plant what my native ancestors might have planted. Thanks to one of the blogs I'm following, I just learned about Three Sisters Method. I think it's too late to plant the squash seed but I'll prepare another garden bed to plant the corn and beans together. Maybe a squash plant might come my way somehow as I half expect it will. I love how the bean plant uses the corn as a pole. Corn and tomatoes don't do well together which is why I have to find another spot for them. I may plant them in the front yard after all, which goes against the initial plan of easing into it for fear of alienating the neighbours.

It felt good to get in a run last evening. I've been out of sorts since the B man has been away and my routine was/is disrupted as a result. Funny when under stress we sometimes stop doing our routine things just when we need to keep them up the most. The girls will now be joining me on runs so I need that extra motivation to get them going.

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