Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Waking Up

It came at me like a cool  breeze. The fresh air reaching my lungs waking me up from this  long slumber. Goal.  Running goals.  They have  come and gone with no substance for too long.  But this is different and I   recognize you  from before.  Before when I was driven.

I don't yet fully recognize the how and the why.  I only  know that I was moved deeply and forever changed. Things flow into another, turning and moulding.  A death here, a broken bone there, relationships and responsibilities mounting. Chance meetings  guiding  the way back to music long forgotten.   Movement through dance needing to express all that I did not have the words for.  You have been gentle.  Passionate. Patient and kind.  I twirl and stumble.  Your arms steady me back to the rhythm.   New friendships.  Strength returning so that I can feel this breeze, really feel it.

The goal is different but just as deep as those others from long ago.  I need to  train hard so as not to cheat myself.  I will know when I have done all that I can do and then I will go out there and experience it head on.   Right now it is very important that I do not cheat myself.  Train hard and mean it.   I will not let this slip through my fingers.  I am holding on tight.  There is life to be found here. The race is the path that leads to it..  I will not cheat  on myself anymore.  Funny how running mirrors life.

Stage 1 of training has already begun. 6  more months to go.


  1. I love it Gail!!!! You'll succeed . . . in all ways!

  2. Movement through dance to express what we can't in words. Nice. I like that image.