Sunday, September 30, 2012

Garden Summary

The garden did not take well to its second year of dry weather The garlic were small and not worth saving seed for. The apple tree produced the most beautiful blemish free apples but there were only 10 of them...just enough to share with the neighbours. Raspberries do not like dry weather and do not get fooled by getting watered from the tap. They produced in protest. The peppers flourished well as they always do and the seeds from those were worth saving. The deer ate all the beans again. The rhubarb plant which was planted last year did very well and I will continue to wait patiently for next year when I can start harvesting it. Carrots and onions did very well. Chard and lettuce did extremely well in container boxes and those plants seem to not care whether they are given tap water. The Giant Russian sunflowers are ridiculous and have given me great pleasure this year. Sure they were planted too late and there are no good sized seeds from which to harvest. In any case I watched them grow taller than the house and got to see the birds and squirrels devour the seeds that I could not find any use for. The tomato plants gave the most bountiful harvest. They produced 5 full sized superstore bins. Ok, so I am lazy and the salsa and canned tomatoes never got made. No matter they all got thrown into the freezer and will last at least until next summer. Except for the green ones that occupy the entire dining room.
Putting the garden away for the season did not bring sadness as in the past. Its just the cycle of life going on out there and anyway it gives me lots to think about as I wonder what will get planted next year and think how great it will be!

These were taken in 1 part of the garden. Not included is the garden bed at the back of the yard behind the bushes and the tomatoes planted in a garden plot.

May 2012





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