Monday, August 6, 2012

Einkorn Pancakes

Today was the day to experiment with the much talked about Einkorn. This ancient grain is discussed in the Wheat Belly booked and I was grateful to obtain 5 Lbs of it. You can read all about the health benefits of this wheat online, but I am happy to try anything that will help decrease my hypoglycemic episodes. I had gestational diabetes and was heading down the diabetes path like some of my relatives. Eliminating wheat as much as possible is one thing that helped ( eating a ton of vegetables, decreasing meat consumption and avoiding processed foods also help). Still, I desire a little wheat in the diet. This is the catalyst for the experimentation with the mighty einkorn.

Blend up the wheat berries in a bad ass blender. I did not blend it into a fine texture but left it somewhat coarse.

I used a regular pancake recipe, except used a bit of honey instead of sugar. Topped it off with last year's preserved applesauce and raspberries from the bush. I poured a little maple syrup on the B Man's pancakes. He said it was delicious! I agree.


  1. My foodie friends rave about keifer. Maybe its time to try it