Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Running and Drying Chives

 Completely forgot about the Police Half this weekend....the one I blogged about enthusiastically  a few months back.  Ya well I haven't trained at all for it.  Instead of running to something, maybe I  am running away from something as the Jude once suggested. Too busy running to get the rattling out of my head instead of training for the physical fun of it.  Running through the good times, the bad and the sad.

Chives. A safer topic. 

The chives are ready to harvest already. The temptation was to  hang them from the rafters but apparently they lose their taste and smell like straw. Instead I put them in the cheapo dehydrator which is starting to fall apart....

....and viola! dried chives in a few short hours. They smell lovely and retain the green colour nicely.

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