Tuesday, May 8, 2012

I drive my husband crazy, just as I did the guy before him because apparently I give everything away, or just get rid of stuff. The B Man has still not gotten over the fact that I lent my somewhat expensive tent and sleeping bag to someone in need over 20 years ago. Thankfully he never knew me when I left my record collection behind. That would have killed him.

Yet I find myself struggling with letting these go....
These are my favourite. They are maybe 8 years old and have no cushioning left. They fit like a glove. The partner to this shoe was last seen somewhere in Gimli in a parking lot beside a pile of snow. I had a lot of fun in these shoes running through snow, mud, fields and mountains.

These ones are even older and did well ( even though they look like garbage) until last summer when the sides busted open after running sideways up garbage hill. They lost the comfort after that.

They both sit on the shoe rack near the front door. Strange what we hang on to.


  1. Maybe it's time to try planting some Hens and Chicks in the old footwear....no, seriously!