Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Step 2:check

2) Figuring out how to get to Gimli: Done.

3) Dealing with the guilt of leaving my kids alone all day: work in progress.

This is my client's grater that had a little mishap recently.

My friend says not to worry as we will be running closer to the shore line this year on account of the conditions. Not sure if she read the race directors update saying it will take 3-4 hours to finish this race. It will take my friend and I 5 or 6 so really not thinking they are going to stick around for us slow pokes.

That is the end of my rant. From here on in I will remember that I am doing this race primarily to support a friend in achieving her goal. I really will not be much help if I spew out my fears to her. As of now, they are bottled up. By Sunday I will have accepted the risks and responsibility of taking part in this adventure. I will dig deep into wherever it is that my willpower resides within, and go out in a positive attitude. Even though I am not conditioned to run 20, I am pretty close. My mind, resolve, and faith will have to step up to fill in the rest.


  1. You will do fine, and it is only just over 18. Think of the fresh fish and chips you can partake in when you finish at Jeff's resturant in Gimli. ;-)

  2. it's only 18 miles; 9 out, 9 back! And I don't mind hearing your fears, they legitamize mine. I love your positive attitude! See you sunday morning!