Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Polar Bear Update

2 days ago I ran 14 miles in preparation for this 16 mile race. Shortly afterwards I received word that there is going to be a little detour due to markers not being set ( not enough snow) and troublesome large air bubbles (snowmobiles have broken through). The detour will have us running closer to the shoreline so we don't get lost but also adds 4 more miles. I will say right now I am not physically conditioned to run 20 miles, on ice or otherwise. We are supposed to hope for no more snow and no double digit plus temperatures from now until race day, otherwise there will be water flow. Heard on the radio the projected temp for weekend: double digit plus temps.

Oh, and I heard someone fell through the ice on a different lake a few days ago. Maybe they came upon an air pocket?

Hoping for a better update soon.

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