Thursday, February 2, 2012

Little Accomplishments

Managed to pull myself out of bed to see Carolyn-the-Torturer yesterday. I never work so hard as when I am with her, but can only afford to go once a week. I need activity in my life, but working out under her direction puts it at a whole different level and feels great ( about half hour after working out, that is). I made a promise to never tell her I can't do something. I will collapse or vomit before quitting. She is the professional and always brings me to the edge, but never over the edge. I trust her. She laughed when I told her I haven't been running or biking, or doing any activity at all even though I have a race to do in a few weeks. I told her once I fall off the routine, fatigue sets in followed by the Big Slump . She told me she never stops. Indeed, you can never stop. It sucks.

I lack in natural athletic talent, but have come to realize physical activity feeds my mental state. A healthy mental state leads to a positive outlook, and for this I must keep going no matter what. Balance is everything.

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  1. First of all, you do not lack in athletic talent, if you can run with Nicole and not have her trip you, then that is talent. Secondly, Carolyn is great isn't she, and she loves the nickname.