Thursday, February 2, 2012

Homemade Cleaning Supplies Not Just for Home

A few years ago my sister sent an amazing book called Clean House, Clean Planet ( see 28 Jan 2009 post). I love how the author rates each product in terms of effectiveness against a similar store bought brand. I have been faithfully using a few of the recipes but decided to try out a few more out and bring them to work. Why not spread the love?

I work in an office and often do a spot clean up, especially in the slushy season. I much prefer this to the commercial stuff the staff use as the smell is overpowering. This has an effectiveness rating of 90%. Mix with equal amounts of white distilled vinegar (recommend Heinz brand) and water. Add 15-20 gtts of peppermint essential oil.

This surface cleaner works very well. I use it to wipe off my desk and any table top surfaces. Smells great too. According to the book it has an effectiveness rating of 70-80% but I find it to be closer to 100%. Mix 2 tsp vinegar with 1 tsp borax. Fill rest of bottle with hot water. Mix until Borax dissolves. Add 1/4 cup liquid soap and 15 gtts of essential oil. I used peppermint.

Ingredients: baking soda and lemon essential oil. Don't waste your energy making this!

Last but not least, the bathroom air freshener. Someone in my office is addicted to a popular store bought brand. The fake smell makes me want to gag. This is much better. Effective rating 90% but I would rate it even higher. Once I find another spray bottle to bring to work, the other brand may go "missing". Fill a spray bottle with distilled water and add 30 gtts essential oil. Give a little shake before using and for the love of God do not get this stuff in your eyes. You will not go blind or anything but you will not forget the experience either. Again I used peppermint essential oil but lemon would also work great. This is my favourite because of the cost savings. It costs $7-$15 to buy an organic type air freshener but only pennies to make your own. You can go and buy yourself a few organic chocolate bars with the savings.

On a last note, I was too lazy to buy distilled water. Tap water was used in all of the recipes.

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