Tuesday, January 17, 2012


Decided to try skating after 15 years in preparation for the upcoming Ice Donkey event in less than a month. Although never a great skater, I was surprised to learn I can barely skate now at all. The ice trail at The Forks is an ideal training ground for those of us worrying about falling on a child (you can easily jump off the path if needed!). The ice is choppy which I figure is close to river skating conditions.

This photo was taken from the Forks pedestrain bridge you can skate on. There is a river clearing below, but I wasn't about to be the first one to try it.

Crossing the bridge.

Construction of the Canadian Museum for Human Rights.
All in all it was a great spot to do some training. Now if only I could pull a team of almost skaters together so I won't be the only one fumbling around out there on race day.


  1. Dan and I will be participating in the race as a team. With the cold weather this week hopefully they will be able to extend the river trail. Skating is my weak point so hopefully Dan can pull me along during that section. You will love the race - I've done it every year since they started!

  2. Maybe he can pull me up off the ice as he blows by. Total training hours for this race so far: 45 minutes. I know, impressive.

  3. Next year sista, next year. I will be your fellow 'almost' skater...or worse.