Friday, January 20, 2012

I have been changing my perspective on education these last few years due to learning first hand the practicality of a "good education". This question came to mind again as I sat in my frozen dead car the other day when temps dipped to -41C .
I am educated, have a good paying job, and am reasonably intelligent. Still, my immediate solution was to take a $30 cab ride to where I had to go and then call my garage to come deal with it for a couple hundred dollars. Thankfully neighbour Bill came to the rescue and showed me how to charge my car battery instead. Neighbour Bill has a wealth of knowledge. He grew up on a farm back in the day and that pretty much says it all.

Charging your car battery is seriously easy if done correctly.
Go out and buy one of these things right now.

Get someone who knows about cars to show you how to use it properly. Then read about it in your car manual for good measure. I don't want to be responsible for someone reading my directions wrong and ending up with battery acid all over their face.

Knowing how to start your car in this crazy ass weather is what I call good education.

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