Friday, April 1, 2011

Winter Composting

The nice thing about winter composting is that all you have to do is dump and run. Everything freezes quickly and there is no rotting food smell. Once the Spring thaw arrives cover the compost quickly with a brown layer otherwise the smell of decomposing food might attract critters. I keep a big pail of soil in the shed for this purpose and so far have never had a critter or foul smell problem.

I find it easiest to keep composting material handy to prevent procrastination at which I normally excel. The paper bag is to collect scraps of paper to throw on top of the compost, white bowl contains crushed eggshells, and a bowl for food scraps. There is no need to buy a special composting bucket. I have a fruit fly trap nearby just in case which I learned from experience after eating one too many bananas and not emptying the bowl in time.

Daughter Elder took this picture of the compost which I thought was kind of cool. I like the way she sees things through the lense.

A picture of our air conditioner by Daughter Elder. This is a result of her being deprived of watching television and has nothing to do with composting.

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