Thursday, December 30, 2010

Cheers to Good Health

I am completely bursting at the seams. My blood pressure is NORMAL. Not even just normal. Its athletic type normal. Oh I know how ironic life can be but for this moment there is much to celebrate and it is a good indicator for the future.
My Doctor, bless her for being understanding, withheld a lecture about me discontinuing one of my meds and allowed me to ramble on about taking megadoses of certain vitamins. I expected to see a steadily rising blood pressure reflected in her office in spite of my efforts but when it showed to be fantastic ( 5 readings in a row!) she said to keep it up and to come back in a month. What is my secret? There is no magic bullet guarantee that if we do all the "right" things we will be blessed with good health. In spite of this why not try anyway? Making positive changes can't make the situation worse. I only know what seems to be working for me. I had a few inklings of areas of improvement and went full heartedly ahead to elimate them within a 1 month time frame. There had to be some improvement, nothing drastic but at least something. I looked at it as a last kick at the can before accepting my fate of multiple BP medications. The list is extensive but a few of the more physical changes were: Replacing coffee with tea and eliminating soda pop, eating more fruits and vegetables, taking certain vitamins under the guidance of a Naturopath, meditating, and decreasing stress in my life. So far so good. Its a great day to celebrate.
Cheers to good health!

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  1. Just read this, how fabulous!!!! I culd kick up my heels I'm so hapy for you!