Monday, October 4, 2010


The honey show at The Forks reminded me of my honey bender in July. This photo was taken at the cottage, right after spending an afternoon picking strawberries and I was on a total strawberry/honey high...or maybe it was just being in the sun too long. In any case, the neighbouring farm had just harvested ( right word?) honey and the strawberry farmer was selling it for him. I bought all of his biggest pails hoping it will last a year. My main goal is to replace white sugar with it. I love that honey doesn't go bad. Just keep it in the cupboard, and whatever you do, do NOT store it in the fridge as it will get all granular looking.

I added this site because I had never heard of Honey Launderers before, but it is not surprising either. Yikes.


  1. Uh, that is A LOT of honey! I love the photo of you. I use agave nectar or honey instead of sugar. Even in my coffee.

  2. It looks like its only going to last 9 months, instead of 12. Daughter Younger uses agave nectar instead of pancake syrup. Now I feel hungry...