Saturday, August 28, 2010


4:00AM: Have a bowl of plain yogurt with oats and maple syrup. Down a bottle of water. Check to see if my running partners responded to my run request. Nope. Get dressed, prepare pack and go back to bed.

8:00AM-NOON: Head out 3 hours later than planned. First hour I run around an outdoor track. The mosquitos drive me insane so I head for pavement. Hour 2 goes by fine. I have 2 L gatorade in my pack but start thinking I need to eat something. I remember something about eating 250cals every hour after that first hour of running so buy a Toblerone and eat half of it. Phone Bryan. I suggest he meet me on the way to the lake and say I'd like to get in 5 hours of running first. He wants to leave sooner so we agree to 4. His patience is running thin and I don't blame him. Hour 3 and my feet start to hurt so I exchange the running shoes for the swim shoes and my toes are happy to have the extra room. Finish off the other half of Toblerone. I am feeling better than I thought especially since running alone is such a challenge and I tend to throw in the towel early. Hour 4 and my knees are beginning to complain. I want to walk but know better. Even with the knee pain its not bad but my running time is up. The family picks me up at McD's and I enjoy - i can't believe I'm saying this - a cheeseburger, small fries and 1 large fries and a large coffee. Breaking down this run into hourly intervals made the time go by smoothly. I wish I could have done the 5th hour but it has been a successful run.

5PM: Feel lightheaded. Down 1/2 orange and then share a veggie wrap with Bryan. Will have a beer later with a late supper and enjoy our time at the lake.


  1. If I can do this, anybody can. I will remember your words around mile 23.