Tuesday, July 13, 2010

July Garden Update

The leftover seeds were planted in almost every spare corner of the yard. These Arikara Sunflowers are doing very well even though they get a lot of shade and are planted in sand. The bunnies destroyed almost all of the sunflowers in the front yard so it is a pleasant surprise to see these ones are still standing. To the right and behind an old boat are 2 Arikara corn and heirloom bean plants that are also doing well.

The beans and squash ( both heirloom varieities) are doing great by the compost! The compsot is smelling earthy and I decided it will be the B man's job to stir it. I'm scared to touch it.

This garden is in a sorry state. So much for my vision. The most important factor for my dismal looking garden are the bunnies. The ate ALL my heirloom peppers and most of everything else except for the tomatoes and scallions.

This particular bunny has taken up residence in the garden. If I try to chase him, he just runs to the other side. I don't know what there is left to eat but he seems to be happy there. I don't have the heart to spray him with the hose, or worse. He is beautiful and seeing as he already has done the damage I might as well enjoy looking at him. The solution to this problem is to put chicken wire around everything, but it will have to wait until next year.

The deer have pretty much taken care of the front yard.

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