Friday, June 25, 2010

Our neighbour casually mentioned to the B man that the fogging truck sprayed malathion in our yard and down our entire street two nights ago. Strange because we are in a buffer zone. Still no sign of a single bee, dragonfly, or butterfly but saw the odd mosquito in the backyard this evening. The only course of action is to register a complaint by calling the Insect Control Branch. Not fooling myself that it will do any good, but at least they will be aware that we noticed and are concerned enough to lodge a complaint.

I am grateful to the person who called back from the Insect Control Branch (on a Saturday AND less than 24 hours after notifying them!). She said the truck respected our buffer zone. They can physically see via GPS whether the truck sprayed or not. The motor stays on regardless so that is likely why the neighbour thought we got sprayed. This will take the pressure off of us for awhile ( we have been dodging their questions ever since the last spraying). The ICB person confirmed that Malathion can kill butterflies and bees, but also said they may just be put off by the smell and will come back eventually. She also said there are 2 other residences near us who are in the buffer zone so I feel we are not completely alone, even though none of us knows who the other is. This gives you an idea about how sensitive the subject is and how afraid we are to voice our concerns for fear of retaliation. In any case, even with the buffer zones the Malathion managed to blow in with the same effect as if we had actually been sprayed. The B man wants to move to some forward thinking place.


  1. I'm sad for you, especially because I know how much you appreciate the pretty bugs. (Even the ones I'm afraid of.) Hopefully you will at least get a response from the city.

  2. Good luck finding that forward looking place. My neighbour made some pointed comments about "It's like they didn't even fog!" There are nieghbours onthe other side who had a green party sign last election so I think she is getting it on either side.