Saturday, September 12, 2009

Mystery Vegetable

Daughter younger and I did the weekly Farmer's Market shop which isn't very far from where we live. I try to go to the tables that specifically advertise chemical free produce. There is one particular farmer's table I make a point of going to. She is there with her 2 young sons and they all look like they have seen a lot of physical labour.... perhaps more than they should have to. I wonder if her husband is at home or if perhaps it is just herself managing the farm and raising 2 boys. The boys are very well mannered and I find myself drawn to them. Today the woman cut a slice of this vegetable for me to taste. She told me she eats it raw. It tastes like a cross between onion,cabbage, and potato. Once the skin is peeled back you get a tender vegetable with a mild taste. She told me the name of it and I promptly forgot it. For now it remains the mystery vegetable.

19 Sept'09 Update....
The name of that mystery vegetable is Kohlrabi. Recipes can be found at :

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