Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Garden Casualties

Before I go on about the 2 casualities, let me first say a lot of the garden looks like someone who knew what they were doing planted it.

#1. Some critter ate all but 3 of the corn plants from the back yard. They were about a foot tall and looking lovely before yesterday. They were chewed off so efficiently that at first glance it seemed as though somebody came into the yard and snipped them off. The most likely culprit was a squirrel, rabbit, bird, or raccoon. Note to self: Remember to plant squash around the corn plants next year. Like how I was supposed to do this year, then decided to plant them near the tomato plants where they look nicer.

#2. The radish tops looked lovely and full but when they were pulled there was nothing but root to show for the effort. You have to plant radishes early in the season as they hate warm weather. I knew that they were planted too late but tried anyway cuz sometimes you just got to experience failure first hand.

1 comment:

  1. You are taking to this so quickly and naturally, I am so impressed and wish I had the same ability and drive to do this.