Thursday, July 23, 2009

An Education of a Particular Rose

I've been sitting down to read Second Nature - A Gardener's Education by Michael Pollan. Consider this, its about one of the author's newly planted rose bush, the Maiden's Blush:

"Maiden's Blush, the alba I planted beside her in my garden, seems to press her sexuality on us.... her petals are larger, too, and they flush with the palest flesh pink toward the center, which itself is elusive, concealed in the multiplication of her labial folds... the blush of this maiden is not in her face, Maiden's Blush is certainly not the kind of old lady I expected when I planted roses... consider some of the other names by which this rose is known: Virginale, Incarnata, La Seduisante..." Ok, then.

Wonder what I'll learn in the next chapter, Weeds Are Us.


  1. eeek, now I'm

    Thanks for putting me on your blog roll! I really like your site, by the way. Great info.

  2. are you reading it for the right reasons? ha ha, joking!