Monday, June 29, 2009

From the 10 Year Old.

This fill in the blank school project made my day:

When I was small, I apprecated every
thing you did for me. You helped me learn to
ride a bike, to skate and to write.

Today I appreciate everything you do for
me. You help me to sew, to knit and to
study for tests.

In the future, I will appreciate everything
you do for me. You will help me to find a
job, get my license and study for College.

When I become an adult, I hope I can be
there like you were for me. Mom and
Dad, I appreciate all that you have done in
the past, all that you do for me today and all
that you will do for me in the future.


The mom next to me got "I appreciate that you make me bathe every once in awhile."


  1. WOW. Did you skype Bryan yet? Incredible kid. You must feel so good after this! I'm laughing at the bathing comment the other mom got...I bet that's something my brother would have written. Someday she'll look back and laugh right?

  2. I loved the bathing comment too. That poor mom though, didn't see the humour in it.