Monday, May 18, 2009

Kid's Clothing

The thing that used to make me crazy is spending too much money on jeans, only to find the kid's knee poked a hole through them, or they got lost. I probably spent $30-$60 on a pair ( not including alterations) and the kids never seem to have enough. Now I go to Value Village and hem them myself. Last week I bought 5 jeans (Silver, American eagle, Garage) and 2 really good leather belts for a total of $50. I used to spend $16 for hemming but since I found heavy duty needles for my Janome I do it myself. True, it isn't as nice as Yana's but they look great from a distance and the kid's don't care anyway.

My maternal great grandmother was a talented seamstress and if she passed on her skills to my grandmother I'll never know. I only remember her hemming her slacks by hand. My own mother did not own a sewing machine and I wouldn't have one either if it wasn't for my great aunt buying me one years ago. Now I think how wonderful it would be to have some of my great grandmother's knowledge and skill.

This makes me think of other areas in life where skills, no longer deemed important were lost through the generations.

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