Monday, March 23, 2009

Rain Barrels

It looks like we're in for a lot of flooded basements. Our neighbour got water in his basement today but so far we are dry. What does this have to do with our rain barrels? Well, the hose of the barrels cracked in the winter and I have not gotten around to dealing with it yet (mainly because it's an odd size and I didn't know where to look). Our barrels are almost full from the last melt so that means there is 100 gallons of water dripping right at our foundation now that it is warming up again. Normally there wouldn't be any water in them at this time of year, but we've experienced strange weather this winter and I was too occupied with our roof to think about the barrels when we had the crazy melt a month ago. Then it froze up again 2 days after so I didn't have to think about it until today.
First I tried to solve the problem with waterproof tape and that lasted about 2 seconds. I eventually found the solution at Princess Auto. Never stepped foot in the place before today. I left with those 3 things pictured above. The person who cut the hose told me I got the last bit. They had 2 full shelves first thing in the morning and everyone is buying it up (so glad I did not put this off till tomorrow). Turns out this tube is sub pump hose. I don't know what the gold looking metal thing is but it squeezed nicely onto the end and fits onto the regular garden hose. The metal twist thing secured the hose tightly to the barrel. Now the water is dripping through the hose out into the main street and not into our basement which is where it would have ended up. I will save myself the hassle next year by removing the bottom hose before before winter so it doesn't get buried in snow and crack. It feels REALLY good to have figured out a solution on my own, without waiting for the B man to come home and deal with it.

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  1. OK, aside from all the disasters you're facing, those are the coolest rain barrels I've ever seen! They don't come like that out here...just big and blue.