Thursday, March 5, 2009

Planting Seeds Indoors

There is a neat video on YouTube gives directions on how to make newspaper mini planters for seedlings. This idea came from someone else's blog and I love it, especially the idea of reusing something I already have around the house. Check it out at:

The planting season begins late so I would probably want to start the seeds indoors in April. But I am getting ahead of myself. First we have to pull out the stumps behind the junipers to make room for a large compost. Then, we have to create a place to plant the seedlings. 7 Red Osier Dogwoods and 4 Junipers were planted in the back yard last Spring. Once I see how they blend into the landscape, ideas will come on how to create the garden. I want the garden to look lovely as well as being functional. This is a tall order from someone who has no experience in vegetable gardening or landscaping!

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  1. I can see your blog now! Not sure what happened...gonna check out the seed link on YouTube.