Friday, February 27, 2009

kitchen Update

Awoke to another day of minus 45 C outside.  The ceiling can't get put back together until the roofers can do their part, which can only take place when the temp rises above zero...maybe in another month at least.  The cupboards can' get put back until the ceiling is finished.
I was way too attached to this kitchen so there is a good lesson to be learned here. 

  The thing I miss most about the kitchen is the microwave.  I say this as I am drinking a cup of boiled coffee, reheated from yesterday's fresh pot.  Why not make fresh?  It's a beautiful coffee from a Co-op in Ecuador and I can't bare to throw any of it out.  

Later...I did not know today was going to bring sad news or  I would not have wasted my time thinking about the kitchen.  Everything is going to be OK, but  it's another test for a loved one and more waiting involved.   It will make the day that much  sweeter when  the good news finally arrives.  

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