Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The Weather

Living Lightly does not sum up where things are at these days.  In the 2nd day of  rain (2 weeks ago it was -50 outside) my roof is leaking  in the kitchen and I awoke to my daughter's   screeching "EWW THERE IS SOMETHING SLIMY DRIPPING DOWN MY WALLS!!!"  Water has now gotten into her room and mixed with her black dalmation spots painted on her walls and the whole thing is a mess.  It is not a good thing when  rain mixes with the tons of snow and ice on the roof.  We are not accustomed to rain in February but the House Insurance guy is coming out today to tell  me what steps to take next.  The house alarm is sounding off,  no doubt due to the moisture getting in where it shouldn't and the toilet is plugged.... but I can't blame that on the weather.  My youngest daughter gets that prize for that one.  
  I would like my husband to come home but he is stuck up North because the flights are cancelled.  Our roof hasn't collapsed  which has already happened to one poor soul.  I was up on the roof yesterday  trying to get that heavy snow off and was somewhat successful.  Crazy  weather.  

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  1. Holy smokes! Sounds like its getting serious! Glad you have the insurance guy coming and you got some snow off the roof. We have snow here but nothing like what you're experiencing.