Friday, January 2, 2009

getting the Kids onboard

The 10 year old and I braved the winter weather to do some errands by foot.  I needed to go to Superstore and the bank and it was going to take over an hour. She is still on Christmas holidays and really what else is she going  to do except play on the computer?  She was giving me some attitude sulking while dragging her feet  and I wondered what I had gotten into because at that pace it would take us all day to complete these tasks.  She lightened up once we got to Superstore and I told her she could browse in the book section.   After waiting in the check out line for 15 minutes we were off to the bank which is another long walk.  Luckily there is a Subway beside the bank so the daughter got excited about the possibility of getting  some food.  I obliged as I wanted this to be a positive experience for her.  My 12 year old daughter then  phoned saying she needs a ride home from her friend's house.  I laughed at her.  My poor kids, they think their mother is possessed.  I made a deal if she walked to the 7-11 store with her friend to meet me on our way home I would buy  all three of them a hot chocolate.  From there the four of us walked back home  and  everybody survived. The outing took an hour longer than I had planned but it was worth it.  I asked  daughter younger what she thought of today's outing  to which she replied "never again".  


  1. Nice blog. Keep it up!

  2. Good for you and good for the kids...some day this will be a good memory and a lifestyle they'll get into. A little positive reinforcement never're off to a good start.