Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Body Lotions and Home Cleaners

I am lotion fanatic and go through a lot of it on account of the dry winter weather.  Decided to make my own as the supply was running low.   I love the idea of not wasting containers and being resourceful.  I chose this recipe because it was off the David Suzuki website ( look for Queen of Green).  The jar to the left is  body butter.  The other one is cocoa butter.  This recipe definitely needs tweeking . The strong cocoa butter smell does not appeal to my senses and the kids  hate it.  It smells sort of earthy, heavy.  It is initially greasy.   The ingredients were expensive but  I don't know how many jars I'll get out of it.  Once the lotions set they became quite hard and I have to dig it out. I have to warm it up in my hands so the lumps melt.
They are however, effective at keeping my skin soft which was a pleasant surprise.  I  added lavender to get more of an appealing scent (seeing as it'll take about 3 weeks for it to be used up).  

My sister sent this AMAZING book.  What a coincidence because  I gave away all of our store bought household cleaners the day before.  I have tried everything I made  and THEY WORK GREAT!!!!!  I loved that I can store them in old water bottles.  Too bad she doesn't have a book out on how to make body lotions.  Sigh...

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  1. I'm glad you love the book! Isn't it great and what a coincidence, the timing is uncanny! I am also a lotion fanatic my fellow sista...the vibes are on high this week! I love seeing what you are doing, it's inspiring me to do more as well. Thank you!