Friday, April 12, 2013

Hint for Starting Seeds Indoors

Two ideas in two days.  Wow.  I'm on fire.  I haven't had an idea for awhile so this is big for me, ok.

Yesterday I started a load of seedlings. It is still a little chilly around here so I  placed the seed trays on the heated kitchen floor to help them germinate. Perhaps covering ones kitchen floor with seed trays does not seem like a practical idea  but it is a lot more practical than dismantling the dining room table so one can practice their salsa lessons.

Anyway,  here is the list of hopeful plants we have so far:

24 Black Hungarian Peppers
8 Red Skin Sweet pepper (seeds saved)
23 Lemon Basil
12 Oregano
30 Chard
24 Beets
40 Signet (Tagetes Tenuifolia)
6 mystery kind of Marigold ( seeds saved)
12 Joe Pie Weed
12 Swamp Milkweed (seeds saved)

Some of these shouldn't be started indoors but  I decided to do it anyway.

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