Friday, June 22, 2012

Lovely Night Run

Things are looking up in the running department. Last night's run was fabulous and kind of strange.  I felt light and fatigue did not set in when it usually does.  It felt like there was the softest breeze pushing me forward, except there was no breeze. A kind of determination that is normally foreign to me is starting to take hold.  It sprouted  from grief but is turning into something else.

Starting to use a  journal  that was a gift a few years ago.  On the cover it says:

She's turning her life
into something sacred:
Each breath a new
birth.  each moment,
 a new chance.  She bows
her head, gathers her
dreams from a pure,
deep stream and
stretches her arms
towards the sky.

finally, I am putting the journal to training journal.  Every day I fill in the columns:
Giving Back
Nuture relationships
Spirit calling
Thanks to Creator.

That is how I am training.  October 1st is going to be a good day and I am going to enjoy preparing for it.  This is all for you, friend.

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