Thursday, March 1, 2012

Bloody Hell Race and Friendship

The Polar Bear run is fast approaching. The run that brought me to my knees last year, or should I say almost flat on my face 3/4 of the way into it. Running in the winter is one thing. Running in the wide open spaces without cover in winter is a whole other thing....everything froze. That day I over exerted thinking that I could see the finish but the finish never came. Beware of judging distances in wide open spaces. That day hypoglycemia set in. That day I had a slow freeze and even the 5 hot shots did not make a dent. That day I could barely hang onto the driver of the snowmobile when he came to get me. I should not have ever left my group to run alone in the middle of nowhere. It was a day of learning.

My running buddy has registered but she will be running it alone. She says she is not as prepared as she was last year for this race. She says she is going to rely on prayer. She needs to finish this race to gain confidence for the biggie coming up in the summer.

Registration has closed. Maybe I should just see if I can squeak in and think about the logistics later....diesal car sitting outside for 5 hours, how to get the kids to their sports events, how I would drive there without getting lost ( my specialty). There is one other thing.....


I would do this race to support a friend,but first I have to make a phone call to see if it is even possible......

Polar Bear Race 2011. Shortly after this was taken I would not be able to see anybody ahead or behind me for the remainder of the race.......

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