Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Running Edmonton

This is some awesome opportunity to do stair training. 187 stairs! On the walk up yesterday , the B man commented that his quads were burning. Thanks to my trainer, Carolyn-the-Torturer, my quads faired quite nicely. This day, however, trying to run up with a backpack was another experience and I was reduced to walking a lot of it.

Part 2 of the stairs.

I have a poor sense of direction (ummm, that is an understatement). Here is one of my shoe signs. Surprisingly it was still there on the way back.

This is a beautiful walk area in Oliver area.
The valley. So many places to run below.
The bridge I feared for nothing.
One of the best things about running Edmonton were the motorists. Every single vehicle I came across stopped to let me cross the street. Every single one. Thank you Edmonton. What a great city to run in!

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