Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Ugliest Cold Frame Ever

Concealed beneath this thick piece of plastic is a large wooden planter supported by tomato wire frames and is held together by clothespins. Ugly as it is, this has extended the growing season by a month or more. We are experiencing warmer than usual temperatures. Even so it has been dipping below zero every evening (average -5C).

Look how happy the radishes and lettuce are. Downright cozy.

This was definitely a success. Will have to get the B man to build me a respectable cold frame next year. Another project he doesn't know about.


  1. Dear Gail,
    I have an idea for you. Use old wooden windows or doors to create a little cabin in your yard to protect your plants. It could look very stylish in a country way, easy to put away and since it would be made from recycled things, very "green"... I can see it!!!

  2. I just harvested the second planting of lettuce two days ago. The first batch went to seed while we were on holidays during the summer so I threw some more seed in. Our hot summer prevented it from doing anything more than sprout. I figured the frost would get it before it got big enough to eat. Not so. The tomatoes were pulled out, the radishes were toast, the spinach had all been processed, and unbelievably, the lettuce continued to grow...I had two lovely salads this week - much better than purchasing overpriced lettuce in the store. I bet a cold frame would extend their life even more!

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