Sunday, August 28, 2011

Golden Lemon Thyme

One day the B man left to go to a meeting only to run back into the house 30 seconds later telling me our entire yard is filled with a beautiful scent( I love when something in the garden stops him in his tracks like that). It was some cuttings off this plant that was in the dehydrator by the mailbox that caught his attention. It is worth growing just for the smell of it. That is unless you don't like the smell of lemon.

You can add it to pretty much anything but I use it mostly mixed into butter. I will add it to sugar cookies when the urge strikes as it is supposed to be a delicious addition. You can also add it to chicken, fish, veggies, and rice dishes.

This plant produced enough dried herb to fill one snack sized ziploc bag.
Oh how I wish I had grown more. Next year, baby, next year.


  1. Mmmm, I feel like I can smell it just reaidng about it.

  2. I grow this herb as well...somehow I ended up buying two plants which are in an open garden by the garage. They have flourished and emit a lovely lemony fragrance when snipped. I will definitely purchase this again!